Healing is part of the human experience.

Healing is multi-dimensional because we are multi-dimensional beings.

We all have something to heal from, it’s simply part of the human experience.

How we choose to do this, if we choose to do this, and what modalities work for us as individuals all may differ.

I enjoy taking an active, conscious role in my healing; both because Lyme and co-infections are likely to greatly disable me again or kill me if I don’t, and because I want to be able to show up for myself and my family in a positive way. Because I deserve a life that I enjoy, and to have that, I must take responsibility for and an active role in my health and wellbeing.

I don’t think that this is any different than any other person, only the cause of dis-ease and the healing modalities that are effective may differ.

My second round of this set of Lyme treatment started yesterday, and Neurofeedback brain training to help support and heal my Central Nervous System started earlier this week. This is why I have wires attached to my head and ears in this picture!

And of course as you already know, I continue and greatly benefit from meditation, energy healing and clearing, a diet consisting of mainly whole foods and moderation with not-so-whole foods, personal development (yes, I experience this as a form of healing!), affirmations, mindfulness practices, limiting exposure to toxins/chemicals, outdoor time, writing, sufficient water intake, limiting exposure to negative media/mainstream news outlets, pacing, respecting my body’s invisible but very real limitations and abilities, and so much more.

This list sounds extensive, but it started many years ago with very small steps. Personal development reading, then a little meditation, then some exercise and diet changes, then removing some toxic people from my life, then swapping out some of my cleaning products for natural or less-chemical options, so on and so forth.

This extensive list is now how I consciously live my life day to day and I rarely have to think about it it’s so ingrained into my lifestyle. This did not happen overnight.

One small step at a time, multiple re-evaluations and adjustments along the way and suddenly you’re living a life that naturally and almost effortlessly supports your health and best self.

This does not mean that I am my best self every day. It simply means that I have easier access to the best version of myself for the moment that I am in – some of these moments are better than others, they most definitely differ!

This lifestyle undoubtedly creates more space for health and joy in my life and I access that space whenever I can, because, who doesn’t want to experience as much health and joy as they can?