New Year’s Eve, 2017

A lot happens in a year. One year ago today I was sitting at home which is no longer my home (I moved a month ago), with my then-boyfriend, unable to cross the border with my family because my doctor’s were worried about my kidneys. I spent a large portion of the evening in an Epsom salt bath trying to manage my pain, getting out just before midnight to ring in the new year. I tried to make the most of it with a skimpy outfit and a couple good orgasms but there was no denying how sick I was and still am. There is also no denying how far I’ve come. One year ago I had very little faith and spirituality. Even into the spring I was discussing end of life plans with my counselor and mom. I knew that if I continued to go downhill there would come a point where I was no longer eligible to make those decisions for myself and I wanted to ensure that no one else was making them for me. I felt calm and comfortable with what I’d offered and given to the world up until that point and felt comfortable with it being my time to go very soon. I had given the world everything that I had to give and I found a great deal of comfort in that; I can’t help but wonder how many people wouldn’t feel the same way.

This past summer there was a shift in my psyche that opened up a whole new world of what I have ahead of me and what I have to give. I have been choosing happiness for a number of years now and sharing how I’ve done that with others through blogs, social media, hairstyling and through fitness groups but now my soul is taking the lead and I am learning how to choose love. I’ve known for years that my purpose on Earth is to help other people overcome their demons and grow into happy people but it wasn’t until this year that I started to understand that the way I am meant to do this is by accepting and acting on my soul-purpose of being a lightworker, spreading love and raising the vibration of the world as a whole. As Kyle Gray puts it in his book, “Raise Your Vibration”, being a lightworker “doesn’t mean that you have to quit your job or work 24/7 for the universe/angels/spirit world. It just means that you’ve accepted the call and you’re willing to contribute towards the healing, peace and nurturing of the world. You’re willing to raise your vibration.” This is exactly what I intend to do and it is my sincerest hope that as I continue to learn I will continue to teach and to raise the vibration of those around me as I go, eventually contributing to raising the vibration of the universe.

I believe that life doesn’t need to be so hard and I know that 2018 will be an incredible year if I let it. If I keep learning and sharing and loving, meditating and writing, exercising my mind and my intuition, then following my soul and living in line with my soul-purpose will become easier and more natural every day. When you’re living in tune with your body, mind and soul, it’s easy to feel whole. When you’re choosing love, it is easy to be loved.

Nothing positive is ever lost in the spreading of love and light.

Happy New Years everyone! I hope you all spend it immersed in immense love and wholeness, one with all that is.

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