Heart Space Card Reading

Angels and ancestors Oracle cardsIncredibly accurate and comforting reading for myself on my new cards that I’m very much connecting to. 💚

I have such a hard time allowing myself to be vulnerable and trusting myself when it comes to my love life. (I’ve been known to make some poor choices!) Over the past few months I’ve been doing a lot of work in and around my heart-space and man has it been painful. Clearing out the old and all of the shields to make space for new.

For this spread I grounded, connected to my heart-space, my intuition, my subconscious and to source and asked where I’ve been, where I currently am, what I need to do to move forward, and what the end result will be.

High Priest • where I’ve been
Connected to my inner divine masculine as I learned to protect myself. Recognizing I had the power to change my life, taking charge and moving forward with determination, purpose and intention. Keeping a clear distance between myself and others.

Winter • where I am now
Recognizing and honoring my own needs. Undoing all that society has taught me in order to bring my true self to the surface. Resting and embracing that everyone – myself included – is as individual as a snowflake. Taking some time as a lone wolf, preparing myself before a pack that I can thrive with enters my life. Doing everything I can to be at my best, getting comfortable in the unknown and trusting that my inner light will guide me on the darkest nights. It’s time for me to be the alpha of my own life.

Mother Earth • what I need to do to move forward •
Grounding and connecting to the goddess within myself to shed the old, negative self-limiting beliefs, knowing that I am protected and nurtured as a child of the earth. Allow myself to be vulnerable and seen. As she roots me and surrounds me with motherly healing and nurturing energy I unearth my sense of strength and return to my natural centre of clarity and openness. I am being guided to make only choices of love and no longer of fear. I accept that deep down I do want to be loved and cared for, and that I have the ability to love and care for myself. Feel the feelings of being loved and cared for and those vibrations will attract all that I desire and more.

Medicine Mother • what the outcome will be
I will be comforted, standing strong with faith in my own inner knowing and sight. It is okay for this chapter of my life to come to an end to make room for new beginnings. Moving forward I will know what I need to do. In loving and respecting myself I release my old patterns and honor what I already know.

Immense gratitude to these cards, the gift of these messages and to my inner self for persevering and now, for having the courage to let go.

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