Less than a year ago by this time in the morning (8:45 am) I would have already completed my meditation, personal development reading, affirmations, to-do list, workout, breakfast, and be sitting at my desk helping all my incredible fitness challengers and coaches prepare for their days.

Today, instead, I am grateful that it’s a nice morning and that I’m able to get myself outside to sit for the 10 minute period after my meds that I’m not allowed to lay down. I’m grateful that I have other coaches helping me run my groups so that I can keep working. As I try to balance out what pills I can and can’t eat with and can and can’t take together I’m grateful that this week I only have 9 to juggle instead of last week’s 15. I’m focusing on how good a day Sunday was and how productive I was able to be instead of on how much I paid for it yesterday and this morning.

I’m focusing on being grateful because I know that no matter how many mornings I wake up in pain or feel like I can’t keep fighting there are so many other people who have it so much worse than I do and I have an incredible life that I worked really hard to create that I have to keep fighting for.

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