About Me

I am a lot of love, light, peace and positivity, with a little go fuck yourself and a side of sarcasm. My writing is where my soul speaks. Not all of my words will resonate with you, that’s okay, honor your own self. Take what fits you, and leave the rest behind.

I write to release, to educate, to share, to nurture, and to love. My body is young but my soul is old. And lets be real – chronic Lyme disease makes my body feel old as well! In this life I have lived through major mental health issues, survived trauma including rape, and am now a 27 year old single business owner with chronic Lyme disease. I have been treating for a year and a half so far and the fight rages on.

Throughout this journey I have learned who I really am and how to love myself. I’ve also begun my spiritual journey and path to¬† enlightenment. Forever learning and developing my intuitive gifts that have been suppressed and ignored for so long. Here I share this openly with you.